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Neck Stretching Kit

Unleash the power of expert chiropractic relief with our Body Flexor - Neck Stretcher, now available for just $397 on our Shopify site. This product, inspired by authentic clinical chiropractic research, is engineered to cater to individuals suffering from persistent neck-related discomfort, including:

  • General neck symptoms and tension
  • 'Tech neck' caused by extensive computer or mobile usage
  • Routine stiffness and soreness
  • Shoulder radiating pain
  • Limited head mobility when looking over the shoulder
  • Sudden stabbing pain while looking left or right
  • Morning tension and associated headaches
  • Tightness and pain from prolonged computer use or driving

Your Body Flexor - Neck Stretcher package comes with a range of premium tools designed to support your journey towards enhanced health and flexibility:

  • 1 Lightweight Carrying Bag: Perfect for convenient storage and transport, making your Neck Arch accessible at all times.
  • 1 Yoga Mat Attachment: Syncs effortlessly with your yoga mat for unmatched portability.
  • 1 Small Foot Pad: Provides targeted support for single-foot anchor movements.
  • 1 Large Foot Pad: Ideal for lumbar decompression during two-foot exercises, promoting proper alignment and comfort.
  • 1 Adjustable Belt Assembly: These adjustable belts cater to different leg lengths and heights up to 6'5", boasting a robust capacity beyond 1600lbs, showcasing our product's remarkable durability and efficacy.
  • 1 Lightweight Durable Neck Arch: Expertly engineered to stimulate a muscle reset in your neck, coordinated through your feet. This unique feature helps reduce neck discomfort and boost flexibility.
  • 1 Soft Neck Cover: Enhances the comfort of the Neck Arch by making it smooth and soft to the touch.
  • 1 Pair of Convenient Handles: Allows optimal hand placement and control during use for a secure and comfortable experience.
  • 1 Set of High Tension Straps: Essential for muscle resetting, these straps work towards enhancing flexibility and alleviating stiffness.

With your purchase, you'll gain access to an exclusive membership site that provides assembly and usage guides. You'll also have the unique opportunity to learn from a chiropractic physician. They'll demonstrate several neck movements like looking up & down, moving ear to shoulder, and turning over each shoulder. These practices, usually inaccessible through standard home exercises, can boost your flexibility, reduce tension and pain, and refocus your energy on what truly matters in life.

Start your wellness journey today with the Body Flexor - Neck Stretcher. Better movement, less tension, and a more pain-free existence is just a purchase away.

* Remember, though, this product has not been FDA-approved, and we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before use.