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FAQ's (BFX Bar)


1. How fast can I see the results?

Before launching the BFX BAR to the public, we performed several clinical tests at our chiropractic clinic and witnessed the results it produced. In our chiropractic clinic we witnessed those individuals who performed the BFX BAR variable resistance exercises experienced a much higher heart rate monitor activity than those who used only resistance bands which means higher metabolic rate and higher calorie burning effect.  Here are some results that we observed during the trials with use of the BFX BAR variable resistance training:

  • Increased sweating and exertion.
  • Muscle revascularization and the increase of blood flow.
  • Increased joint stability and flexibility improvement.

On the other hand, there were long-term results that we recorded within less than 6 weeks of using the BFX Bar. And the results were:

  • Toning and tightening loose body parts in arms, legs, hips, thighs, and belly. 
  • Smaller waist and overall reduced body fat. Resulting in reducing the belt size, waist size, and belly circumference.
  • Stronger muscles with increased strength.

Other benefits of using the BFX BAR while performing variable resistance band training include: 

  • Benefits of continuous and rigorous muscle contraction and relaxation.
  • Improved strength and stamina.
  • Improved athletic performance and the ability to lift more weights.
  • Greater Muscle Firing with Alternative Exercise Motion Options.
  • Joint stabilization of unstable joints in shoulders, hips, neck, back and core. 

2. What other benefits are there by using the BFX BAR? 

The BFX Bar is all about helping you tone your overall body. It offers benefits that rarely come packaged into single workout equipment. 

  • The most important benefit that it has to offer is the fact that it is a single piece of equipment that offers so many benefits. Meaning that, in the long run it costs less and does not require a huge space
  • Ideal for physical rehabilitation in case you have had injuries related to joints and muscles
  • Lengthening muscles & mobility to improve your overall movement and well-being.
  • Core activation for explosive strength that can be used whenever needed.
  • Joint stability increases with the BFX BAR training, reducing the probability for joint related issues.
  • Ease of use as it doesn’t not need another person to assist you with the workouts.
  • Better time efficiency because it doesn’t require long haul workout sessions and drives to the gym.
  • Increased safety since it ensures that joint pressure is minimized and resistance is variable at your tolerance and not controlled by the weight of the bands.

3. I’ve already bought so many exercise gadgets online to tone my body, what difference does BFX BAR have?

The BFX Bar is a class apart because it has been created after rigorous research and testing. Here are some reasons why it’s different from the ordinary gadgets you would find online.

  • First and foremost, BFX BAR is Physician Developed so you know that it has been. Tested in a clinically setting with patients with real problems.   
  • It is Lightweight @5.6 Lbs. with a carrying bag.
  • You take it with you anywhere you like since it is completely portable.
  • Removable Parts that you can fit together and start working out.
  • Solid Aluminum Parts that are rust proof and stand the test of times - Made in the USA.
  • Clinically Tested and patient approved.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Parts Replacement (See Policy).
  • Adjustable resistance Selectors, so that you can work out at different weight ranges comfortably. 
  • Independent rotating band cylinders so torque is not transferred to the joints of the wrist, arms, hands and body so your workouts are smooth and the load is focused on the targeted muscle  instead of the joints. 

4. How many times do I need to use this and for how long?

Frequency and Duration may vary depending upon your situation.

Here’s a typical example to help you understand how it works:

Day 1:  Workout Session 1 = BFX BAR Push Day

Day 2:  Workout Session 2 = BFX BAR Pull Day

Day 3:  Rest and/or Cardio 

Typically, we recommend two workout days, followed by a rest day over each 7-day period. 

5. I’m not a regular exerciser or do not do weight lifting. Can BFX BAR benefit me?

You don’t have to be a regular exerciser to gain benefit from the BFX BAR variable resistance training . Instead, all you need is to follow the DAY 1-3 program to notice considerable results.

Maximum muscle tone and strength are very apparent in 6-8 months if the program is followed as directed. 

Also, our BFX BAR allows you to move the selectors on the BFX Bar for "heavier tension" to "lighter tension". This means if you are new at resistance training, you can take it easy on yourself and start with less tension.

With the BFX BAR, adjustability is a major key factor in our Patent Pending design.