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FAQ's Body Flexor


1. How fast can I see the results?

    Here's a reason BODY FLEXOR is everyone’s favorite! And that is because upon using it, the results can be experienced almost immediately.

    It instantly allows you to increase your range of motion by offering the support you normally don't have.

    To prove that it actually works, you can perform several tests and see the results immediately - in as little as 5 minutes of using the BODY FLEXOR.

    Start with measuring your performance by creating a “baseline” for comparison. 

    Here are some tests you can perform to see how it works:

    Do the Touch Toe Test: Start with touching your toes while bending yourself. You can witness great improvement as you perform the touch toe test before and after using the BODY FLEXOR. This means that the BODY FLEXOR is great for lower back stretches. 

    Appley's Scratch Test and Shoulder Apprehension Test – Do you recall scratching your back to be almost impossible? Well, wait until you try it after using the BODY FLEXOR. You will be able to see an improved flexibility right away. 

    And that’s not it, you can also perform the shoulder apprehension test with the help of a friend or a family member to see instant results and great relief.  

    Neck Range of Motion Test: If you find your neck to be stiff, consider performing the Chin to Chest exercise before and after using the BODY FLEXOR, you will see immediate improvement. The same goes for Ear to shoulder, and Look over Shoulder exercises (Both Sides).

    Hamstring Flexibility Test: You can use the BODY FLEXOR to increase your hamstring flexibility. Perform the hamstring flexibility test, and you will notice a major difference instantly. See the angle your leg forms before using the BFX Stretch (use a towel to aid you in the process) and notice the difference in Degrees you can achieve after using the BODY FLEXOR).

    Posture: The BODY FLEXOR has a considerable impact on your posture. Check your posture from the Front (Take a Picture) and check from the Side (Take a Picture) before and after using the BODY FLEXOR to see considerable results. 

    You can measure the results by using a mirror, recording a video of yourself on the phone, or having a friend or family member there to witness.

     2. I’ve already bought so many exercises and stretching gadgets online, how is the BODY FLEXOR different?

      The BODY FLEXOR is a class apart from what you see out there. One thing that sets BODY FLEXOR apart from others is the fact that it's clinically proven to work. Since it has been designed by a practicing chiropractor, you can be assured that it is launched into the market after being tried and tested clinically.  

      And that’s not it! The BODY FLEXOR has been developed under the supervision of medical professionals who have put in the right amount of research and testing while developing it.

      Another thing that makes it different from other equipment is the fact that it is patient approved! Meaning that it is something that you won’t find in the market, as it is not a regular exercise gadget that promises a lot and delivers nothing.

      You can further look at our client testimonials to see that it actually works!

      3. How many times do I need to use this and for how long?

        To get the most out of the BODY FLEXOR, it is recommended that you stretch at least 2-3 times per daily i.e., Morning, Midday, and Evening. 

        You have the option of skipping days depending upon the activity you are about to be performing.  

        - If you work on a computer from home then for around 6-8hrs per day, then we recommend that you consider using it 3x per day to help you move away from the risks of sitting down for long hours.

        - If you’re an active individual i.e., someone who works as a driver, then you may consider morning and evening workouts or 2x per day.

        - For individuals with old injuries, i.e., chronic conditions with joints, you may consider working out with the BFX Stretch three times a day to ensure maximum recovery.

        - If you’re someone who gets periodic joint stiffness throughout the day, we recommend that you workout more than three times per day for maximum results. 

        Once you start following a workout routine using the BODY FLEXOR, you will see you are moving and feeling better than ever before.  

        This product is different, like no other on the market. Therefore, it will be something that gets you movements that you might have never experienced before.  That’s why it will take about 7 days for your brain and muscles to wrap around how it works and the type of muscle feedback it generates. 

         4. I’m not a regular exerciser or do not stretch regularly. Can BFX Stretch even benefit me?

          Yes, the BODY FLEXOR offers a wide range of benefits both from beginners, and the more experienced athletes. 

          Studies have shown that the BODY FLEXOR benefits mainly individuals between the ages of 18-65 years. 

          The BFX Stretch is ideal for individuals:

          • Stay at Home Office Workers that are focused on the computers for hours
          • Physical Labors who need good joint movement and flexibility exercises
          • Students who strain their postures by leaning over as they perform research or study. 
          • Delivery Drivers who sit for long periods in a vehicle at the wheel, and have minimum physical movements
          • Slightly older individuals who are facing issues with muscle and joint stiffness  
          • Athletes preparing for an event or a great performance.