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Dr. Josh & Jessie are the inventors of the patented BODY FLEXOR. With Dr. Josh expertise as a chiropractic physician for over 18 years and Jessie as a clinic owner and marketing strategist, together they invented this innovative product. Their goal is to help people reach optimal health so they can get stronger, relieve/remove pain and become more flexible and mobile and get back in doing the things the love to do!


As you know we all have different expertise's and talents and this was no  different for my wife Jessie and I. With a masters in Education and B.S. in  marketing my wife is great at design, simplicity, colors, function, and  communication.  My strengths as a chiropractic physician and previous  personal trainer are the human body, how it works and how it responds. Together we both came up with a solution involving stretching.   

We saw there was a need in the clinic for patients who after they  finished with their care, they didn't  have a “go to tool” solution for their  home stretching and strengthening challenges. As time went on, the world  changed in an instant in 2020 when the pandemic affected so many lives. Not only were people facing new challenges, some people were staying home and most likely did not have the tools to take care of their bodies conveniently. Gyms were closed, people were timid to get out, and it appeared as the world was slowing down, so were the people who lived in it.   

We began developing this innovative stretching tool long before 2020 but we saw that the public’s higher need to improve their overall health and wellness as their it increased more than ever. We decided to delay the launch of the BODY FLEXOR so we could provide a product with the most durable material and offer convenient payment plans so other health providers can purchase and use with their patients and even have them purchase their own units to use at home.  

Here we are now in the starting a 2022, the world has changed and many lives are seeking to adapt to the “New Way of Things” and this is why we are releasing the BODY FLEXOR to improve our patients experience in our clinic and at home.

So what are you waiting for?

Choose Stretching over Stressing,